Community Based Employment Services: Help individuals with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities to seek and obtain competitive employment opportunities and acquire the correct skills and assistance needed to succeed. Lifespire provides on-going counseling and support services throughout each individual’s employment experience, helping them to advance within the vocational setting in which they are employed. We offer our services in conjunction with ACCES-VR and OPWDD Employment Training Program.

Pathway to Employment: This is a non–paid OPWDD time limited service that will allows the individual to discover what types of vocational skills they possess, learn pre-employment skills, become more integrated into the community, develop a vocational or career plan and have the person develop skills to allow them to achieve the greatest skill of independence.

Community Prevocational Services: Through groups and individualized training in the community, we are able to provide work experiences in the community. These experiences are in locations such as college cafeterias, nursing homes, food pantries, schools among many others. We teach pre- employment skills to people who have an interest in working independently in the community. Lifespire staff members are present at all times, providing hands-on job coaching to help individuals obtain work, social and traveling skills needed for competitive employment.

Supported Employment: Individuals look for jobs with the support of Lifespire staff. Once they find a job, Lifespire staff members are at the job site daily to help them adjust. The support includes orientation to their work site, teaching them who to turn to for help, and hands-on job coaching until they are ready to work independently.  Person must be able to travel using MTA or para transit to get to and from their work location. 

Eligibility Criteria:  The individual will need to provide the program he/she is involved with along with documentation (medical, psychological and psychosocial) which demonstrates evidence of a developmental disability. The person must be willing to learn how to travel.  Transportation not provided by program. 

All people interested in applying for our services please call 212-741-0100 or e-mail us at