The first National Autism Awareness Month was established back in 1970 to celebrate and bring greater awareness of autism. And now over half a century later, so much progress has been achieved not only in awareness, but in understanding and having better ways to bring about a broader acceptance for those who are properly diagnosed.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complex brain disorder often inhibiting a person's ability to communicate, respond to surroundings, and form relationships with others.

Such awareness includes knowing the facts such as:

  • Autism affects about 1 in 68 children in the United States
  • Autism impacts four times more boys than girls
  • Autism impacts every child with ASD differently, impacting different skills, challenges, and needs
  • Autism, when diagnosed earlier, helps children get the services they need
  • Autism doesn't necessarily restrict all learning abilities, which become pathways to success in the classroom and beyond

As a way of bridging the communication and relational gaps that autism presents, autism awareness produces a greater agility to bridge those gaps as they arise. Some of these bridges include:

Patience – patience is perhaps the most effective power we have to bridge the frustration that comes with communication gaps.
Being ‘pause-ful’ – by pausing and refusing to react, it drenches the sparks of anger with a calm that defuses fires set by frustration.
Practice – by demonstrating and practicing with the child how to step over anger with ease.
Persistence – shows that getting it right can happen if you try again.
Positivity – is the ability to always laugh, even if it hurts.
Physical activity – by employing physical activity to interact, communication can be improved.

Frustration is not just an emotion that is unique to ASD; our culture has been immersed in it like a bath over the last 3 years. Now more than ever, awareness has to be rehearsed and remembered.

We at Lifespire make it a point to keep our emotional and mental batteries charged so that when dealing with any of the annoyances, angers and irritations, taking that extra breath can breathe oxygen into any hot situation. We know that Life is a Team Sport, and so is Lifespire.

Always Keeping Aware,

Thomas Lydon
Chief Executive Officer
Lifespire, Inc.