The official year in which Black History Month was established came in 1976, but its roots go back decades before that. It is a recognition and celebration of the achievements of African Americans over the course of this nation's history. At Lifespire, we have a culture of integrated diversity and opportunity, where we seek to daily serve the aspirations and the possibilities of people who have appeared to be invisible so many times in society.

Lifespire's accomplishments are the byproduct of the investment of our employees into the programs and services that Lifespire has offered since 1951, when Ida Rappaport and Harry Kamish came together to advocate for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Today Lifespire and its team members and volunteers serve over 3,000 people in the New York metropolitan area. With 121 certified locations and nearly 900 employees, Lifespire is changing lives, changing understanding and, thankfully, changing expectations.

Overcoming disability is one thing, but overcoming racial inequity is another. Humanity has no color and is not measured by things that we can do but rather by the people that we are.

One of the exciting aspects of Lifespire is the diversity of people and who they become as a result of their careers, their jobs and the people who are transformed by the extraordinary diligence and power of hope and kindness.

Each of us stands on the shoulders of those who've gone before us, and Black History Month represents to Lifespire a time that we remember that others shall hopefully stand upon our shoulders because of what we have done, how we have served, and the people who have exceeded expectations as a result.

Thomas Lydon

Chief Executive Officer
Lifespire, Inc.