Thomas Lydon

By Tom Lydon

Chief Executive Officer

Lifespire Staff,

Wow! 2020 is almost over! This holiday season is like no other that any of us have experienced, coming at the end of a year that has brought us so many trials and tragedies. It has been an unpredictable year filled with new challenges, new opportunities, and a chance to evaluate our lives and prioritize what is most important to us. I would like to take a moment to share what this year has meant to the team at Lifespire.

I am so proud of each and every one of you! The work and support we provide to the people we serve is outstanding, quality services. The entire field knows of the high quality work, supports, services and programs we operate. 

You all remain true to the vison of our founders, Ida Rappaport and Harry Kamish. They were parents, leaders with vision and had hearts full of compassion. This past year it is clear you all hold our founders’ dreams in high regard. Each and every day we all walk out their vision. You all should be proud of how we battled COVID-19 and fought to keep our folks safe.

I am hopeful for all of you that 2021 will be filled with many successes, lots of laughter, and cherished time with friends and family. Until then, stay safe, and have a slightly different but still wonderful holiday season.

Best Regards,