Awareness. That is what Disabilities Awareness Month is all about.

But between social media, text messages and the economy, how can anyone keep focused on one thing?

At Lifespire, we cultivate an Awareness culture through our emphasis on the rock-solid values that distinguish our services, mission and purpose.

What our staff does consistently is to recognize our Direct Support Professionals. And by consistently recognizing performance excellence, we intentionally nourish the purpose for which we exist and those who daily make such a difference for so many.

But awareness isn't just within our agency; it reaches beyond. Our efforts are reflected throughout the 85 locations where Lifespire has a program or a residence. At every location we take the time to make it a 'home base' for those we love to serve.

One Awareness that Lifespire attempts to shine its light upon is the barriers those with disabilities face. With a great deal of hope and joy, Lifespire takes a great deal of pride in the fact that it was born back in 1951 to break the barriers that restricted individuals with developmental disabilities. The spirits and passions of Ida Rappaport and Harry Kamish still burn every day in the hearts of our staff and team members.

There is a saying, "Do not grow weary in doing good, for in due season, you shall reap."

So it is only appropriate that Disabilities Awareness Month occurs in March, the dawn of spring. Our industry has withstood enormous challenges over the last 3 years, but thankfully our staff and team members recognize that in this work, there are always seasons. It is the purpose to which we anchor our hope, knowing that so many people care so much for the great work that we do!

As the CEO of Lifespire, I look forward to every March because it arrives at the perfect time, when we all renew ourselves in this great work.

At Lifespire, we aspire to serve and to see possibilities take root every day!

This March, I hope if you are reading this letter, will you consider contributing to this timeless mission?


Thomas Lydon

Chief Executive Possibilities Officer